About us

Who We Are?

Cannabis Business


World Green Leaves is a company dedicated to the cultivation of cannabis and the elaboration of products derived from it, offering pharmaceutical grade cannabis under national and federally regulated medical cannabis programs worldwide.

We have crop farms in the outdoor and indoor mode, the latter under strict technological measures that allow 100% controlled light and humidity conditions. As well as laboratories for processing.

We bet you to develop the Medicinal Cannabis cluster through sustainable agricultural production, quality refining processes, as well as investment applied to clinical and scientific research for the development of innovative product.

Educational Program

WGL Corp also focuses on education, through an academy focused on training leaders, entrepreneurs, with knowledge in blockchain, cryptoactive and especially in the culture of cannabis applied to the health sector.

We develop our own cryptocurrency, backed by sown plants and our production and we are the first company to develop an ecommerce oriented to the sale of products made from our own farm, as well as a Marketplace that will allow other users to sell their products and transact via WGL Token.

How is the global market and legal side of cannabis?